Military BCGs – Or Birth Control Glasses

If you are considering a career with the USA Armed Services you are probably running hard to put together on your ASVAB exam and upcoming bootcamp revel in. If you require corrected imaginative and prescient then you’ll be issued a set of BCGs. In this text I will discuss their significance.

The bootcamp or primary training enjoy, is designed to put all recruits on a fair keel. Regardless of in which you come from or what your preceding reputation in existence may additionally were, while you arrive at primary schooling you’re considered the lowest of the low.

This is finished to make certain that you leave all of your civilian notions behind, and discover ways to be a real soldier, sailor, airmen or provider member. Part of this break-down and trendy men glasses build-up manner is completed by way of having all people appearance the identical.

This includes the same uniform, haircut, and yes even the same eye-glasses for people who require corrected imaginative and prescient. Military problem glasses are BIG, with a big subject of vision and thick dark frames.

The common sense behind these glasses is to make certain which you get the maximum subject of imaginative and prescient whilst you glance through them, irrespective of the angle. They are waterproof and impact resistant, as a way to defend your eyes if the want arises.

Birth Control Glasses

Benefits apart, the glasses are considered to be much less that stylish by using many. So anti-fashionable in fact, that they’re lovingly nicknamed BCGs or Birth Control Glasses. This means that when a person wears those glasses, it makes them appearance so unattractive, that they will be unable to attract a member of the other intercourse. Which in bootcamp isn’t always always a bad thing as hooking up with every other recruit is grounds for discharge.

Rape Prevention Glasses

These glasses were certainly referred to as RPGs at one factor. RPG stands for Regulation Prescription Glasses. However they soon earned the proper title of Rape Prevention Glasses. This is perhaps a harsher interpretation in comparison to the Birth Control Glasses with the same underlying principles.

Military BCGs – Or Birth Control Glasses
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